Palisander Gallery was opened in April 2017 at Trehgorka cluster, Moscow. The gallery specializes in design and abstract art.

For the past 20 years the design market is booming, galleries, dealers, auction houses, museums being involved. Palisander demonstrates the choice of textbook examples of the world design in the historical sequence: classics of midcentury featuring purity of lines, warmth of materials, moderate minimalism; important pieces of the 70-80-s, with their aesthetic protest and colorful images; as well as objects by contemporary authors, to the gallery’s taste.

Postwar abstract art – expressive, spontaneous, psychologic – is a phenomenon in the world culture. Today abstract art is a timeless classic, one of the most prestigious segments of the art market. Along with several big names, other talented artists of the 20th century are becoming more and more known, with auction prices growing and famous galleries showing interest. Such artists are our specialization as well.

А prestigious sophisticated living space is unthinkable without design and art. Palisander gallery offers concepts of interiors where collectible design and abstract paintings play a key role and, valuable on their own, together ensure an aesthetic synergy.

Alina Pinsky