Pavel Lakhtunov

* 1949

Pavel Pavlovich Lakhtunov — Russian abstractionist, researcher of Kazimir Malevich art, art theoretician, collector, winner of the UNESCO prize (1984).

Pavel Lakhtunov was born in Moscow. In 1966-1972 he studied at the faculty of graphic arts production of the Moscow Polygraphic institute. His teachers were P.Zakharov, J.Burdzhelyan, A.Goncharov. Even in his student years he stood out as a hard-working and open-minded artist. He  was a tutor and lecturer while still a student. His diploma was a theoretical work on the application of the information theory language to the discussion of the form issues in fine arts. 

After his graduation he worked as coach at the Center of the Scientific labour Organization and Operations Management Office of the State Committee for Publishing. Later he became senior artistic editor at the APN publishing house. 

Since 1977 he was a jury member of the book competition at the State Committee for Publishing.

In the same year the artist established the Computer club. Lakhtunov and his colleagues were engaged in computer arts, a kind of mathematical abstraction: «It’s an intellectual blow, uniting the best things we have – mathematical abilities of the Russian mind and our embroidered towels» (E.Pavlinskaya, art historian, artist, gallerist). Lakhtunov’s abstract art is an artistic view on mathematics, form and colour. He was greatly inspired by Malevich and studied his works thoroughly. 

In the late 1970-s Lakhtunov returned to the Polygraphic institute where he spent several years as research associate at the scientific laboratory of graphic arts production. His main occupation became artistic work for the Knowledge is Power («Znanie – Sila») magazine. He also collaborated with several other publications and the In the world of books («V mire knig») magazine. In 1990 Lakhtunov became the chief artist of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and in 1991 – the chairman of the easel graphic section at the International Federation of UNESCO Artists. 

Since 1996 Lakhtunov was a participant of the Theory of physical structures workshop, held by J.Vladimirov at the faculty of physics at the MSU. He also took part in the Moscow workshop of the International Symmetry Research Union. 

In his multidisciplinary work Lakhtunov aimed to converge art and science, organizing workshops which brought together philosophers, mathematicians, artists and physicists. In 2002 he received a prize from the Knowledge is Power («Znanie – Sila») magazine. 

Since 2003 Lakhtunov has been a full-fledged member of the artistic union Academy of Abstraction (Sevastopol). He has a vast collection and archive of the Russian avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century.